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9/28/04 11:12 pm

i'm going to stop being silly with this. or at least be a kind of silly that's less personal, for a while. starting soon.


5/4/04 04:26 pm

today was hellday, otherwise known as the day of my humanities and biodiversity finals. i kicked the bio exam's ass with my pen and sharp mind, but the humanities was really not a party -- i'm pretty sure i did not well. so that means one of two things: i can do well on my logic final and pull the gpa i need, or i'm screwed no matter how i do and that's that. hopefully it's the first.


4/20/04 02:20 am

well i remember a summer's day
well i remember walking up to you
well i remember my face turned red
and i remember staring at my feet

well i remember before we met
well i remember sitting next to you
and i remember pretending i wasn't looking

so we try and try
even if it lasts an hour
with all our might
we'll try and make it ours
cause we're on our way
we're on our way to falling

well i remember your old guitar
i remember -- i can't explain
well i remember the way it looked around your neck
and i remember the day it broke

well i remember the song you sang
well i remember the way you looked tonight
and i remember the way it made me feel

and we try and try
even if it lasts an hour
with all our might
we'll try and make it ours
cause we're on our way
we're on our way to falling

yeah, we're on our way to falling
we're on our way to falling now


4/12/04 02:19 am
i want to write.

my stomach is aching and i don't know why. well, i think i know why. a day of chocolate will do that to a person.

easter was not so much fun this year. i'm not a big fan of the godfest, but i am a fan of ham dinners, one of which i missed this afternoon: a reason to not be so far from home. i can't think of too many right now, but that is one.

mmm. pigs.


4/1/04 06:54 pm

the more i think about it, the more i fucking adore the broken social scene/stars show at the middle east last saturday. everything about it. right now, more than almost everything i've seen. i think this particular show was more of a lost in translation, eternal sunshine sort of thing, in that its residual effects are still being felt and felt more powerfully with every day. and i don't mean to rub it in, but seriously. i've been listening to those two bands almost constantly for a week. that has to prove something.

speaking of my listening habits, if you go here, you can see which songs i've been playing lately. everyone i know should start an account, because it's fun and not intrusive and i like it a lot. they've had some recent downtime, so my list is not entirely accurate, but it is nifty nonetheless.

Current Music: use that link and find out


3/28/04 05:53 pm

friday night -- bob dylan
the highlight of the show was the fact that it was bob dylan. bob dylan, standing in front of me. "singing" his songs. playing the ... keyboards. it was sort of hard to see, and i only knew maybe two-thirds of the total setlist, but it was still great. and most of the downsides are things i ignored just because he's bob dylan.

saturday night -- stars and broken social scene
one of the best shows i've ever seen, and this is why:
1.) i was standing against the stage, right in front of the mics for the vocalists, owing to the fact that i was the first person inside the club.
2.) both bands have fantastic energy and interact with the crowd really well, but not in an annoying "how are you doing tonight" sort of way.
3.) stars played "elevator love letter" and that's my one of my current favorite songs, and it was bouncy and sweet and fun.
4.) broken social played "anthems" and that's one of my all-time favorite songs, and it was urgent and people sang along and sounded fantastic.
5.) did i mention i was standing dead front and center? and the bassist/guitarist from bss kept making eye contact and smiling at me? yeah, he was a bit odd but fantastic and wore the mexican wrestling mask that i watched his friends pick out at otro lado across the street.

so that's all i've really got to say right now.


3/21/04 02:39 am

so earlier tonight antonette decided she wanted to get out of the damn room. we decided to go on an outing: walked down comm ave, cut to bay state, and then across the bridge to the esplanade. it was raining lightly, and on the way i saw a puddle that i wanted to jump in. i did, and it was really deep, and the water splashed up and all over my ass and lower legs. and it was forty degrees. so i got kind of cold.

but we saw a pair of ducks, and then a big group of geese on the charles. we got close to the edge, and they were swimming and the river was so still.

i made a slushy snowball and was going to throw it at antonette but she caught me, so i slammed a bench instead, which led to a really interesting conversation about beating down the side of marsh chapel. and we scoped out housing opportunities on bay state too. and walked through a parking garage.

randomness excites me.


3/21/04 01:48 am

i haven't finished a spring break update; that means i probably won't. suffice to say it was fun, but felt kind of long, and i like being both home and at school. so these last few weeks at b.u. will be enjoyed heartily, and then going home will be really exciting and fun and whatnot too.

my logic class is causing some trouble, stress-wise, in my life. i think i'm going to find a philosophy tutor to teach me tableaux and argumentative reasoning, because it's hard and i haven't been getting it myself.

on thursday, jayne is coming to spend a few days, during which we will see some live music and go to a party or two, and i will drag her around the city to show her all of my favorite things and generally bore her to tears. so there's that.

tomorrow the agenda is studing for my logic midterm, finding a peer-reviewed article on genetically modified crops and write a summary of it, and starting a few pages of a paper about the topic, and that covers it. OH. maybe there's new alias too.

these next few days will kill me. but after that, it will be great. so wish me luck till tuesday.

Current Music: sufjan stevens, "a good man is hard to find"


3/20/04 12:08 am

i loved it. completely.

right now, i don't even want to explain why. it was just funny and incredibly sad and sort of bittersweet and happy-making and yes.

i could elaborate. but right now i just want to keep it to myself.


3/17/04 02:14 am

it's been falling almost continuously since four thirty, and isn't supposed to stop till tomorrow sometime. so classes tomorrow will be buckets of fun.

i have a spring break update coming, but it's long, so it is not finished. but as soon as it is, or very soon after, i will post it.